Hamburg, Ottensen / no one is first and you´re next

opening: 05.10.2023, 18:00h

The collective DIE mARkT is going to open their experimental

and contemporary art show at Atelier Gausz in Hamburg-

Ottensen on October 5, 2023 at 6 p.m. We are looking forward

to your visit! It´s going to be ... JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH!

The exhibition is a laboratory for discovery, using a range of materials and art genres (visual and performing arts) to create a complex environment with social, ecological and metaphysical resonance. The central theme of the works is the unstoppable growth of life and its transience. We look forward to being able to view and discuss the works presented in the presence of the artists.


Sarantoula Sarantaki, choreography and performance

Elsie Lapointe, performance

Mario Kicker, 2D works

Sigrid Hoyer, introductory


Free admission.

Opening at 18h.

Performance starts 19:30h.

The 2D works shown are for sale.

Drinks are available at the bar.

The 2D works will be shown until October 29, 23.


Atelier Gausz,

Gaußstraße 60, 22765 Hamburg, Germany

opening hours:

Opening times depend on the events:

see Gausz events calendar

Anyone with interest is welcome!