Hamburg, Eimsbüttel / PooP 6oo6

30.06.2023 / 19:00 - 22:00
01.07.2023 / 13:00 - 16:00

Mario Kicker, member of the association "Biennale Austria" and "la maison des artistes", shows contemporary art in a Hamburg gallery as part of the collective "die mARkT". Come! ... it´s going to be SUPERKUNST.

To make our life a little better, easily accessible works create a complex environment with social, ecological and metaphysical resonance using a range of materials and methods.

The central theme of the exhibition is the unstoppable growth of life and its transience.

We look forward to viewing and discussing the works shown in the presence of the artists.



>> Sarantoula Sarantaki <<

Lyrik and Sound Bath

>> Franziska Kaufmann <<

2D and 3D works

Mario Kicker


Christian Kicker, DIE mARkT


Free admission

The 2D and 3D works shown are for sale


Bismarckstraße 98, 20253 Hamburg

Opening Hours:

30.06.2023 from 19 – 22 h

01.07.2023 from 13 – 16 h

Speech/Reading/Performance/Sound Bath

30.06.2023 at 19.30h

We look forward to an interested audience and ask for registration if possible!

Thank YOU!